Episode 39: The Bowery Boys

At The Lambs with Greg and Tom.

At The Lambs with Greg and Tom.

The stars aligned and we were able to bring New York’s favorite podcast heroes on the Big Show: Greg Young and Tom Meyers. They are best known as The Bowery Boys, and for more than 300 episodes they have delivered New York City history with equal doses of knowledge and fun. In this show we learned about the roots of the show and their rock-solid friendship that goes back to the early 90s in NYC. They are passionate about the city and it’s past (and future). The occasion for the appearance is that they are hosting the Guides Association of New York City Apple Awards on March 2 at the SVA Theatre. This is their second time as hosts, and they offered up their tips and hints about the show. They are past winners, as we are for our podcast last year. Joanna is presenting, and Kevin is nominated for 111 Places In The Bronx That Your Must Not Miss.

If there is one reason not to miss streaming this episode, it’s to hear where Tom and Greg would go in their time machines back to Old New York. More about the Apple Awards here. Follow The Bowery Boys Podcast, their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also check out their cool Patreon page.

We record the show at The Lambs, 3 West 51st Street. Founded in 1874, it’s America’s first professional theatrical club (not to be confused with a restaurant). Our theme song is by Big Ed Cody, leader of the Whiskey Wranglers.

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