Episode 45: Shower Curtain Patrick

Patrick and Jo

Patrick and Jo

In our second podcast from our too-long hiatus, we welcome our first guest to sit down with us. Shower Curtain Patrick (his bar name) is a longtime regular customer of Joanna’s, and he invented a radical new shower curtain design. He sent a complimentary shower curtain to Jo, which we unbox on the show. The idea came to Patrick when he was sick of “the cling” and the “gunk” of cheap plastic shower curtains, which can be found in half of all homes in the United States (he did the research). He now is selling the curtain on his website and through his Amazon store. (You can see lots of photos of it in both places too).

Patrick is one of those people that comes to New York City and makes it great. He’s from Ottawa. As we get going with more podcasts, we will be bringing on more city guests to tell us about their lives in New York City.

We record at The Lambs, the oldest professional theatrical club in the U.S. Find out more about it here. Our theme song is by the late, great Big Ed Cody (RIP).

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Recorded Jan. 25, 2022.