Episode 44: Return from Hiatus

Joanna and Kevin

Joanna and Kevin

In our first broadcast together since May 2020, Joanna and Kevin settle into the groove of getting the Big Show back up and running. We are together again at The Lambs, catching up. It is indeed sad that we lost two of our guests, Billy the Artist from Episode 4, and Big Ed Cody from Episode 16. Ed also recorded our theme song, which we are keeping on the opening and closing of the show.

In this episode we talk about the state of New York City today; what it is like to work and live in Manhattan. Jo explains what the bar business is currently like, as she runs Doc Holliday’s on Avenue A, and deals with shortages and training new staff. We also make a pledge to produce a lot more shows in 2022. Thanks for sticking with us!

Joanna has a new side hustle, visit her eBay Store for vintage clothes, jewelry, books and more.

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Recorded Jan. 25, 2022.