Episode 4: Billy the Artist

The first guest on our show is Billy The Artist, Billy Miller. On episode 4 of Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show, we welcome Billy. He’s been a resident of the East Village since 1990 and has had his work exhibited around the world. Some of the brands he’s worked with are Swatch, Toyota, and Vans. His murals are in the Bronx, Harlem, and the East Village.

Billy and Joanna

Billy and Joanna

Billy was one of the first American artists to be allowed by the Chinese government to paint live in Shanghai. Philanthropic projects include work with public schools, the American Red Cross, Live On NY, the Fresh Air Fund, Covenant House, St. Mary’s Foundation for Children, the JCC of Manhattan, and the Breathe Foundation Brazil.

A longtime fixture of the East Village, listen to what Billy has to say about working in New York, what creating art means to him, and his approach to being creative. Stick around for his Danica Patrick story.

Our interview was conducted at The Lambs. After we wrapped, Billy got on the Steinway grand and tickled the ivories for us. Follow Billy on his website, Instagram, and Facebook. His YouTube channel is amazing.

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