Episode 1: Joanna & Kevin’s Big Show

Welcome to Joanna & Kevin’s Big Show podcast! Joanna Holliday is a professional poker player, bartender, and wellness enthusiast. Kevin C. Fitzpatrick is the author of 7 books tied to New York City history, and a walking tour guide. The Big Show is recorded live at The Lambs in Midtown Manhattan. In our debut episode, we review who we are for the pilot show. We also need to come up with a name for the podcast (which obviously happened!). This show will be about New York. The two of us have lived here for more than 25 years. We plan to have guests as we explore New York and the many characters in it. Currently we are trying to get the podcast on all of the platforms, but right now the above link is where to hear the show. More about Jo here. More about Kevin here. New shows will come out Mondays. Thanks for listening!

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