Episode 21: Lexi Leban Talks 80s NYC and Changes

The first sibling on our show arrives as we welcome Joanna’s sister, Lexi Leban. The show is about how Lexi graduated from Barnhard more than 30 years ago and what New York was like in the 1980s vs today. She lives and works in California, and relates the stories of being younger in the city and what has changed in the city today. Lexi is the executive director of the Jewish Film Institute in San Continue Reading →

Episode 20: So You’re Dating A Vegan’s Liz & Duncan

Our first episode where we interview a couple and eat something is a fun one with the Elisabeth Pierotti and Duncan Styles, the pair behind the hit YouTube channel So You’re Dating a Vegan. On this show we talk about the vegan lifestyle and the concepts and challenges of making their series, which is really about their life together as a couple. We get the scoop on vegan cooking and what it’s like to both Continue Reading →

Episode 18: Astrologist Kathy Biehl

The stars are in alignment on this show as we bring in Kathy Biehl, and expert on astrology who gives us her astro-insights. Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show is all about New York City and what makes it great, and today’s show is about one of those people and her interest in the stars. Kathy is a native of Texas and a non-practicing lawyer. She’s had a passion for the stars and mystical matters since Continue Reading →

Episode 17: Lindsey Loves History

Before New York City was on the map it was New Amsterdam, and on this episode of the Big Show we meet someone who loves this era. Lindsey Mulholland is a public historian, museum volunteer, and tour guide focused on 400 years of NYC history. We talk about Evacuation Day and what it once meant to the city, where to go to find out about the Colonial Era of Lower Manhattan, and why she loves Continue Reading →

Episode 16: Live Music Jam with Big Ed Cody

Our first-ever live music performance on the show results in a major accomplishment: We record our new show theme song. Big Ed Cody of the Whiskey Wranglers is our guest. Listen as we work out—and try multiple takes—of the song we’ll use to open and close the show. The Whiskey Wranglers play all over the city and Ed is the lead singer and guitarist. Also on the show he plays a little Johnny Cash and Continue Reading →

Episode 15: Paranormal Investigator Douglas McMillan

For our Halloween show we get to chat with Paranormal Investigator Douglas McMillan, who has conducted research into things that go bump in the night all over New York and New Jersey. He’s looked into the paranormal in homes, hotels, and even karaoke bars. For a guy who saw his first ghost at age six, we had a fascinating talk with Doug. Follow him on Facebook and his blog. We also talk a little more Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Absinthe Guru Don Spiro

Absinthe was not available in the United States for more than 70 years. Today it is one of the rising stars in the world of spirits. On our show we chat with Don Spiro, who has been running a monthly absinthe drinking party (not an absinthe tasting) called the Green Fairy Society at the Red Room (85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003). The party is the first Thursday of the month. Don tells Continue Reading →

Episode 13: Sculptor Mike Dominick

Art surrounds us and there are creators amongst us dreaming up new and expressive ways to make it. One of those is American sculptor Mike Dominick, founder of the molten iron painting movement. For 20 years he’s been taking iron, sometimes from cast-off old radiators, and turning it into sculptures and paintings exhibited in galleries. On Episode 13 of Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show, Mike walks us through the process—and the fun—of working with molten Continue Reading →

Episode 12: Nostalgia and Memories

Ernest Hemingway wrote, “Everyone has a girl, and her name is nostalgia.” Looking at old photos or videos of yourself, it washes over you. Finding a lost clip or picture from 20+ years ago triggers emotions. On Episode 12 of Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show, we have a conversation that begins after Jo starts digging up old video clips of herself bartending from the Giuliani era. What does it mean to look at images of Continue Reading →

Episode 11: Beer Guru Chet Lenczewski

On episode 11 of Joanna & Kevin’s Big Show our guest is Chet Lenczewski, a guy who knows an incredible amount about making beer. As a representative for two breweries and a 20-year veteran of the industry, we get the lowdown on the state of the beer business today. We chat about craft beer and what has made this such a force in the industry. Plus we crack open a couple of cold ones for Continue Reading →