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Woodlawn Cemetery, at Dorothy Parker's Grave.

Woodlawn Cemetery, at Dorothy Parker’s Grave.

I am very happy to be leading tours in New York City again. My first back was September 24, where I led my Secrets of Scott and Fitzgerald Tour from Times Square to Central Park. My upcoming tour is brand new, and one that is quite unique. In partnership with the Woodlawn Cemetery and Conservancy, I am now leading my newest: Dorothy Parker and the Talk of the Town New Yorkers Tour. The next one is Sunday Oct. 11, and it will be held again on Sunday, Dec. 13. I had a dry run on Oct. 4 with some friends, and it was so much fun to walk the route to visit famous and long-forgotten New Yorkers (and some boldface names).

I am also going to offer a tour for Woodlawn that I led in 2017, which is to visit the graves of WWI veterans buried in Woodlawn. These will be offered on Sunday, Nov. 8, 11:00 a.m. and Sunday Nov. 14, at Noon. Tickets will be available soon.

Right now I am updating my calendar to offer more in-person tours for small groups. Custom and private tours are available too. I’ll have a full schedule soon.