Episode 31: 5 Guests at the Docs anniversary party

episode 31

Jo, Kevin, and Liz (Photo by Vin)

Sitting in the window seat on Avenue A and East 9th Street, we record a live show before the big 25th anniversary party at Doc Holliday’s. While there is just a little bit of reminiscing–by Joanna Holliday who has worked here the entire stretch since 1994–the party gives us the chance to briefly meet quite a cast of regulars and bring them on the show. It’s a really great mix of the kind of folks you’d expect to meet at the premier dive bar in the East Village.

On the show we have Vin the photographer and traveler, Big Ed Cody of the Whiskey Wranglers, Elizabeth our fashion world insider & dive bar explorer, Greg the educator & sage observer, and finally the professional poker player Steve Z. All of them share an affinity for NYC and the bar-going lifestyle, and reiterate what we believe the reasons are for what makes the city the best.

We recorded live at Doc Holliday’s, so if the audio quality isn’t the greatest for you, grab a drink and maybe that will help while listening. Our theme song is by Big Ed Cody of the Whiskey Wranglers.

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