Episode 23: Comedienne Maggie Champagne

Maggie, Kevin, Joanna

Maggie, Kevin, Joanna

This has to be one of the funniest guests we’ve had on in 23 shows. We sit down with actress-comedienne Maggie Champagne to find out what’s happening with her comedy career. After a taste of fame in a commercial that became a viral sensation, she’s now working on her career onstage, on TV, and in auditions. She and her old friend Amy Schumer worked together on the Comedy Central series, and Maggie has a monthly comedy show, Foreplay on Hump Day, at Stand-Up New York. We definitely got cracked up by this warm and funny woman, it was so much fun to have her on the podcast. See videos of Maggie here and follow her on Twitter. Enjoy this show!

We find out all of this and more in this exclusive podcast recorded live at The Lambs. Our theme song is by Big Ed Cody of the Whiskey Wranglers.

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