Great War Day on the Delaware River

I travelled to the New Jersey-Delaware border to take part in a Great War day at a historic fort. I saw some of the best living history I’ve ever experienced inside a restored 1902 Army structure. The best part was meeting a lot of reenactors who share the same passion I do for World War One.

The Great War exhibition at Fort Mott State Park, Pennsville, New Jersey, was held on May 5, 2018. The park and the USS Olympia crew organized the event. The public was able to see U.S. and Allied impressions in the former U.S. Army coastal defense fort on the Delaware River.

Kudos to Luke Clawson and Todd Rambow for the operation. There were 15 reenactors present at the third annual event.

The next reenacting event at Fort Mott is September 29-30, Historic Soldiers Weekend.

My photo gallery: