Kensico Vaudeville Project Updates

NVA Graves

The N.V.A. graves of Kensico Cemetery. You can’t see the grave markers because they are flat.

The Kensico Vaudeville Project was launched in 2015. After a break it will return with updates in 2017-2018. This project is to document the vaudeville performers who are interred in the National Vaudeville Association burial grounds in Kensico Cemetery in Westchester County. These are individuals who have biographies written so far. More will be added to this list.

Kensico Vaudeville Project Updates:

Nettie Kelley Adams – Singer
Charles Ahearn – Cyclist
Anna Bylund Anderson – High Diver’s Mother
Thomas Banahan – Juggler
Alfred Bardelang, Jr. – Child
Charles Barney – Actor
Andrew Joseph Basso – Veteran
James Bird – Acrobat
Rudolph Carpos – Clown
Charles Clair – Actor
Richy Craig, Jr. – Comedian
Celina De Dio – Animal Trainer
Sig Mealey – Acrobat
Victorine Voltaire – Follies Dancer

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