Book Launch Party for Governors Island Explorer’s Guide

The Governors Island Explorer’s Guide

The Governors Island Explorer’s Guide

Last night I was proud to have an intimate launch party for my new book The Governors Island Explorer’s Guide. It was held in Red Hook, Brooklyn, within sight of the Island itself.

The venue was Kevin’s Red Hook, 277 Van Brunt Street. I picked the restaurant because this is who runs Little Eva’s on Governors Island Liggett Terrace, my favorite restaurant on the Island. All of my walking tours end here with cold ones and grilled food. Huge thanks last night to Kevin’s staff, and to Kevin Moore, Caroline Parker, and Gene Moore for the hospitality.

The thing about a launch party is that it’s more of a psychological event for an author. For me, it’s not about marketing or sales, but it’s a milestone I always try to reach. For some of my books I had no launch party, and others I went WAY over the top. Sitting at home or in a research library, dreaming up a launch party is a good escape from the writing. I wanted to go to Kevin’s since last year, when the book was done and I was waiting on the proofs. Hosting a launch party with a few friends, family, and special guests is a nice thing to strive for, because it means the book is done. It also means the marketing and publicity is already starting. Last night was fun for me to have such a fantastic venue, great food, cold beer (made in Brooklyn too), and super people.

I was very happy to have Earth Matter New York and Brooklyn ARTery attend, because they are the kind of local organizations SO important to the community, and are what makes Governors Island special. Without them it would just be another public park. No other park in New York City has such a diverse group of organizations and individuals spread out across it, all thinking up great programming ideas, ways to engage the community, and make it a must-see destination. The 2016 season on the Island is definitely going to be the biggest and boldest public season in the fourteen years it’s been open.

Thanks to all who came out, and to those who have bought the book.