Why Is There No U.S. Flag, Battery Park Conservancy?

There has not been a U.S. flag in Battery Park next to the World War II memorial for six months. The Battery Park Conservancy, who is supposed to be maintaining the park, has not repaired the broken rope on the flagpole. It is dragging its heels on correcting this problem.

I’ve been tweeting about this issue for several weeks. The Battery Park Conservancy has said they are studying what to do. I am saying today that the time to study is over, and to just fix this flagpole and fly the flag again.

The fact that that the flag has been missing since last year is unconscionable to me. The flagpole is immediately next to the American Battle Monuments Commission memorial. The World War II East Coast Memorial commemorates those soldiers, sailors, Marines, coast guardsmen, merchant mariners and airmen who met their deaths in the service of their country in the western waters of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. Its axis is oriented on the Statue of Liberty. On each side of the axis are four gray granite pylons upon which are inscribed the name, rank, organization and state of each of the 4,611 missing in the waters of the Atlantic. On the back of the memorial includes the Merchant Marine loss of life, which brings the total lost to more than 10,000 Americans.

This flagpole is visible to anyone on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Staten Island Ferry, and all boats in the harbor. Combined with visitors to Battery Park, this is tens of thousands of visitors every week that do not see the U.S. flag on this flagpole.

What will it take for the Battery Park Conservancy to hire a crew to fix this? Memorial Day is on Monday. Flag Day is June 14.

Warrie Price is the president and founder of the Conservancy. Steve Lagerstrom is the director of operations and technology. I’d like to know: why aren’t you flying the U.S. flag? The Battery Gala is June 19. I hope before this big splashy party is thrown, the flag is back up.